For many Ohio seniors, there may come a time when they can no longer care for themselves properly. This usually means that living alone in one’s home is no longer a safe option. One of the largest concerns for senior citizens is how to ensure that their care continues without burdening their families. Long-term care planning can help seniors choose care options that will pose the least amount of inconvenience for their adult children.

Most senior citizens want to preserve their independence for as long as possible. This is something that they and their children should consider when making decisions about where an senior will live. To help families make the right choice, following are four residential options to consider when doing your long-term care planning.

  • Retirement communities: For seniors who can function independently, these communities promote independence while enabling residents to socialize with other seniors.
  • Nursing homes: These are often the best choice for ill or disabled seniors who require skilled nursing and/or ongoing physician care.
  • Assisted living: For seniors who do not need skilled care, these communities promote independence while also providing staff members to help residents address their daily needs.
  • The family home: This option involves the senior living with his or her family. It is a great way to maintain close, loving relationships while ensuring that seniors receive quality care and preserve their independence.

Long-term care planning works best when it is addressed by all members of a family before it is needed. These are only a few of the housing choices available in Ohio. Consulting with a legal professional can help you address senior long-term care needs, including financial issues, in a more personalized and comprehensive manner.

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