If you served a minimum of 90 days in the service and at least one day during wartime, you and/or your spouse may be eligible to receive Veterans Administration benefits for a disability. The disability may be service related, but this is not a requirement. Unfortunately, the Veterans Administration (VA) is rarely forthcoming on letting you know the benefits available, and makes it difficult for you to receive them.

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Ohio VA Claims: Do You Qualify for VA Benefits?

Eligibility for Veterans Administration benefits is needs-based. The VA has eligibility requirements which allow you to have no more than approximately $128,000 in income and assets. Good planning can help make sure you qualify you for benefits.

Our law firm works with people, like yourself, in estate and asset planning to help them qualify for VA and other disability benefits. Through various means, such as gifting assets or transferring assets to an irrevocable trust, we take assets out of our clients’ names so they can meet the asset levels.

Additionally, we counsel our clients as they apply for the Veterans Administration benefits they seek with the Veterans Service Commission. A VA application claim can be a long and tedious process. Often, the VA sits on the application hoping the applicant will forget about it or pass away. When they finally do look at the claim, they may deny it based on minute details. One of our partners, Laurie G. Steiner, is an Accredited Attorneys for the preparation, presentation and prosecution of claims for veterans benefits before the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and to advise on VA eligibility.

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