People who are younger often put off estate planning, if they think of it at all, for when they are older. Many assume that it is something that is only a concern when someone is nearing death. However, younger people can pass away unexpectedly, and having an estate plan in place can help ensure that their wishes are known and followed.

When someone passes on, it is not just their physical belongings that are distributed. Social media accounts are also something that can be given to a trusted person after someone dies. If an individual is not named as the person who controls someone’s social media account after their death, anyone with a username and password for the account may be able to log in and manage the account. This can lead to personal details of someone’s life being shared.

Estate planning can also allow someone to be named as a person to make medical choices if the individual is not able to do so. Whether or not someone wants to remain on life support can be a very personal choice, and if a person is not entrusted to handle these choices, a family may begin fighting over what medical care a person should receive.

A will can do more than just determine who will get someone’s possessions after they die. Wills can also name who will take care of minor children if parents are not able to do so. Many estate planning documents do not directly have to do with leaving property to heirs, and they can enable people to make decisions for them while the person is alive. A lawyer can assist clients in determining the types of documents that are most applicable for their circumstances.

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