Electronic wills are a new kind of will that might be more prominent as the digital age continues to grow and influence people in today’s society. Electronic wills offer people the ability to create a will online and print it.

Right now, most wills are created digitally, printed and signed in person. However, digital signatures are becoming more common, which does expose wills to the potential for abuse. Someone who wants to write a new will could essentially do so by using an electronic signature of the person they’re impersonating.

What should you do if you want to write an electronic will?

Since there is a great potential for abuse, it’s a good idea to have your attorney and another party witness you signing your will. If you don’t, your digital signature may still be accepted, whether you were the one to use it on a legal document.

E-wills are often pushed by companies who create “boilerplate” wills online. They make money when people use these DIY programs to set up their estate plans and legal documents. The problem is that no person falls into a boilerplate solution. Your estate likely has many unique factors influencing it, and your attorney will need to look into your estate closely to find out exactly how to best serve you and protect your estate.

An e-will might be fast, but it is no replacement for an attorney’s education. Our site has more on the importance of your will and why you should be cautious in the way you create it and protect your estate.

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