You’re taking care of your disabled child and hopefully, you’re doing okay on your own.  However, there are certain issues that require legal counsel.  Here are several tips to help you know when to ask for help:

  1. If your school district refuses to cooperate with you in your child’s IEP or 504 plans, contact a Special Education attorney for assistance.  The attorney can assist with the planning or any fair hearings that might be necessary to follow federal and state laws and protect your child.
  2. When your child turns age 18, you may need to apply for Supplemental Security Income to provide financial assistance.  The initial application can be made online but is almost always denied.  A Social Security Disability attorney should assist with the appeals and court hearings that follow to ensure your child obtains eligibility.
  3. When you die, your estate must be handled properly to ensure your disabled child doesn’t lose their Supplemental Security Income and/or Medicaid health coverage.  You must set up a Special Needs Trust before you die to hold any assets for your child’s benefit.  A Special Needs or Elder Law attorney is a REQUIREMENT to make sure your estate planning is completed correctly.

When in doubt, call Solomon, Steiner & Peck. We can help if you have any questions. We are well-versed in the issues you face, are happy to assist, and you will likely find the cost is the best investment you ever made to help your disabled child.

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