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January 2018 Archives

Blended families and estate plan disputes

The likelihood of a dispute over a person's estate plan in Ohio may be higher if the family is a blended one involving stepparents and stepchildren. This is particularly true with stepmothers, largely because women tend to outlive men. The problem is not with stepmothers in particular but with the family tensions that can be exacerbated during times of stress and grief. Studies show that only 20 percent of stepmothers and stepchildren feel close to one another, and the distance in these relationships rarely closes.

Estate planning can entail more than just a will

People in Ohio dealing with end-of-life challenges for a loved one may be brought face-to-face with the complicated realities of estate planning and the consequences that can happen due to a lack of advance planning. Estate planning can involve more than the creation of a will. There can be a number of documents that are part of a comprehensive plan for health care and other later-in-life needs that can prevent significant problems further down the road.

DAPTs offer various estate planning benefits

Estate holders in Ohio may be familiar with domestic asset protection trusts, commonly known as DAPTs. These planning tools do just what their name implies -- protect the assets contained in trusts. They are used most often in estate planning, allowing those managing their assets to avoid probate for their heirs and other beneficiaries. However, DAPTs are useful for much more than this, according to experts in wealth management.

The duties of an estate executor

Some people who have been named as executors of an estate in Ohio might wonder what will be involved in the process. The first step for an executor is to get copies of the death certificate. This will be necessary to notify various agencies, organizations and businesses such as the Social Security administration, life insurance companies, banks and more of the person's death. It is also necessary to locate the will or the trust although the executor or the attorney who prepared them might already know where they are.

Estate planning is for everyone

Many people living in Ohio believe that they do not need an estate plan yet. They might think this because they are relatively young and healthy or because they have few assets and don't see any reason to designate what happens to these assets after they die.

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