Every adult should create a will to memorialize your wishes in the event of an untimely death. As your assets and your family grow, it's even more important to have a will and keep it updated.

A will is simply a legal document that designates where your assets should go and who will become the legal guardian of your children after your death. In a will, you can pass down property and financial assets to your heirs, remember friends and relatives and make financial gifts to favorite charities.

When people die without a will (also know as dying intestate), state law determines the distribution of assets and guardianship of any minor children.

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A Will is Not Enough

In addition to a will, it is important to have other estate planning documents, including a heath care power of attorney, a living will and a durable power of attorney. In some cases, you should consider a trust as well as a will. Our estate planning lawyers can help you understand which documents make sense for you.

We not only prepare wills, we also help clients contest and overturn a will. There are four reasons for contesting a will:

  • You can overturn a will or trust if the person making it was not of sound mind and memory.
  • You can overturn a will if you can prove the maker was under undue influence.
  • If a person is led into making a will by lies and deception, the will should be held invalid for fraud.
  • The final reason is mistake. For example, if your brother hands your mom a revised will while she's lying in the hospital and she doesn't realize she's signing a new will, it should be invalid.

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