What You Need For A Medicaid Application

Medicaid is a program that helps you to pay for your loved one while in a nursing home. It is not a program that you are entitled to, such as Medicare, you need to apply for this program. During the application process, there are many questions asked regarding verifications for the applicant. The following is a list of items that Medicaid will request in writing in order to determine eligibility for benefits. Please provide us with the original or a photocopy of each item.

  1. Verification of: Certified Birth Certificate, Citizenship or Naturalization and Driver's License
  2. ORIGINAL Social Security Card (this is a necessary verification)
  3. ORIGINAL Red & Blue Medicare Card (this is a necessary verification)
  4. Health and Prescription Medical Insurance Cards (copy of the front and back)
  5. Monthly Medical Insurance Premiums for Health and Prescription Insurance/s (if any)
  6. Verify if the prescription insurance plan is a "Medicare Part D plan"
  7. Marriage and/or Death Certificates (if applicable)
  8. Power of Attorney Papers
  9. Verification of current gross and net monthly income received and any deductions from the income received (Social Security, Veteran's benefits, Pension/s, Dividends, etc.)
  10. Verification if federal and/or state taxes are withheld from any source of income. If taxes are being withheld, contact the company and request termination of tax deductions.
  11. Verification of all the current resources held by the Medicaid applicant. Resources include: Checking Accounts, Savings Accounts, Certificates of Deposit, Stock Certificates (number of shares held), Bonds (copies of the bonds themselves), Investments Accounts, Property, etc. (provide as many monthly bank statements as possible)
  12. Written verification from the nursing facility of bow much money is in the Medicaid applicant's Resident Trust account (if any) and date of admission to the nursing facility, as well as dates of any hospital or rehabilitation stays prior to permanent nursing home stay.
    *** If married, it is necessary to have all bank account balances for any accounts opened as of the first thirty (30) day stay in a nursing facility, hospital or rehabilitation center.
  13. Verification of an accounts closed within the last five (5) years (provide as many monthly bank statements as possible)
  14. Copy of any Trust Agreements
  15. Copy of any Postnuptial or Prenuptial Agreements
  16. Copy of any Separation Agreements
  17. Pending law suits
  18. Inheritances
  19. Automobile Title
  20. Deed to Home
  21. Any mortgages owed and/or owned; include copy of mortgage, monthly payment and balance.
  22. Verification of homeowner's insurance premium
  23. If renting, verification of monthly rent owed, verification of any security deposits, and verification of any rental insurance premium
  24. Verification of gas, electric, trash, water/sewer and phone bills - ONLY IF MARRIED.
  25. Life Insurance policy(ies). Please verify the face amount of the policy(ies), effective date(s), name of owner, name of insured and the current cash value (if any).
  26. Cemetery lot verification
  27. Burial Contract - MUST BE IRREVOCABLE
  28. Last five (5) years of Federal and State Income Tax Returns including the 1099s
  29. Proof of all transfers to any children and other relatives. These transfers will be considered gifts for the purpose of the Medicaid Application. Please verify all transfers within the last five (5) years.
  30. High School Graduate or grade completed
  31. Was he/she a Veteran?

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate contacting us.

Should the applicant have a spouse still residing in the community you need to provide the information listed above for both spouses. You will also need to provide to us the following information:

  1. Verification of all resources at the time your loved one first had a hospital, rehabilitation or nursing home stay longer than thirty (30) days after January 1, 1990. This date is very important, even if your loved one returned home for over a year. We still need the verification of the resources at the first date in order to determine the allowable amount the spouse residing at home is allocated to keep.
  2. Property taxes, Mortgage and/or Rent, Homeowner's Insurance and monthly Condominium Association Fees
  3. Gas, Electric, Trash, Water/Sewer and Phone bills only

For your information, Medicaid uses a matching system to check all resources for the Medicaid applicant (and spouse) for a five year period. Please provide all information for the past five (5) years regarding the closing of accounts, transfers of resources, gifts to others and any information regarding the sale of property, stocks and the cashing in of bonds. We need this information in order to provide the best representation as to the depletion of the resource which the client held in that time frame.

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.