The Benefits To Working With An Estate Planning Law Firm

The act of building and documenting a solid, personalized estate plan for any family is no do-it-yourself project.

You may know what you want, when it comes to transfer of assets and property to certain beneficiaries, proactive health care measures and protection for special needs children. But unless you are an experienced attorney who knows how to translate these and other goals into both bold print and fine print, for binding contracts that can withstand any future legal challenge, you should seriously consider turning over such a momentous task to a lawyer with a background in estate planning.

At Solomon, Steiner & Peck, Ltd., our knowledgeable estate, probate and elder law attorneys are well-known throughout greater Cleveland and northeast Ohio for their comprehensive command of:

  • Customized plans that include the right combination of a will, trust, power of attorney and advance health care directive that is right for you
  • Complete detail about necessary elements for each of these documents, what they say, what to prepare for and how they benefit you
  • Attentive personal service that offers every client the opportunity to ask questions, state concerns and anticipate problems "down the road"

Showing You The Benefits Of Working With An Experienced Estate Planning Law Firm

Are you new to the acknowledged need for a forward-looking estate plan that can benefit you and loved ones today, as well as tomorrow?

Are you already in possession of an estate plan, but you want to refresh certain features of it to reflect your changing lifestyle?

Are you mired in a conflict with contentious relatives over the validity of a late relative's will, due to complaints from former beneficiaries or an ambitious caregiver?

For these and any other long-range or spontaneous estate-related legal objective, we are the law firm with proven skills that get results. Contact Solomon, Steiner & Peck, Ltd., today to arrange an initial consultation. We represent clients throughout northeast Ohio.