Medicaid Estate Recovery

Does this sound like your situation?

Your spouse or parent received Medicaid for several years. He or she used it to pay for nursing home costs, as many people do. Sadly, after several years your loved one passes away and you think that you can distribute the remaining assets to family members that were previously tied up in your loved one's home or in trusts. But then you receive a letter from the Attorney General's office demanding you pay back the Medicaid benefits. The office may have even put a lien on the real estate property.

It is true that under an Ohio law called Medicaid estate recovery, the government can take your home, along with your savings and personal possessions, to pay back Medicaid benefits. However, with the economy in recent years, the government — in particular Cuyahoga County — is getting more aggressive in its attempts. It may demand payments in ways that are not allowed under the Medicaid estate recovery law.

At Solomon, Steiner & Peck, Ltd., our Medicaid planning lawyers help clients protect their rights and their assets. We know the laws and what the government can lawfully do to compensate for Medicaid payouts. And we know how to fight back against wrongful seizures of property and assets.

Careful Planning Is Key to Property Protection

Asset protection planning is a key component to our Medicaid planning services. When you come to our law firm, we will sit down with you and explain your options for transferring assets so you or a loved one can qualify for Medicaid and help ensure the assets will be passed down to your beneficiaries. Options available to you include gifting assets, signing over assets to a spouse, and setting up irrevocable trusts, among other options. Our long-term goal is to create a plan that will avoid losing assets to Medicaid estate recovery.

If your loved one died without a plan and the Attorney General's office is requesting payback, we can still help. We will advise on legal strategies to preserve as many of the assets as possible. We will help create a unique strategy tailored to your situation.

Contact Our Cuyahoga County, Ohio, Medicaid Lawyers

If you received a letter requesting you pay back your loved one's Medicaid benefits, contact our lawyers for advice and counsel on protecting your assets. From four locations, our Cleveland Medicaid estate recovery attorneys fight for the rights and interests of clients throughout northeast Ohio.