Rules for voting

Rules for voting - 11/01/08

Jeff: The election is this Tuesday. If you haven't voted yet and are going to the polls, will you be able to vote? Here to discuss what you need to know before you'll be allowed to pull the lever is attorney Michael Solomon.

Jeff: What do voters need to bring with them in order to vote?

Mike: You must bring an ID with you. However an ID does not need to have a picture of you on it to be valid. Some valid IDs are:

  • A drivers license or government issued photo ID.
  • A current utility bill such as a water, electricity or phone bill that shows your address.
  • Another government document that includes your name and address. Strangely this does not include the notice from the Board of Elections.
  • For college students, a current college utility bill that has your name and address as it appears on the voter records.
  • Military ID.

Jeff: What if you go to the polls and forget your ID?

Mike: First, you can just go back home and get the proper ID and then come back. (But you may have to stand in long lines twice!) Or you can vote with a provisional ballot. But then you will need to go to the county Board of Elections within 10 days to bring your proper ID to make sure your vote counts.

Jeff: What if I moved since I last voted?


  • If you moved within the same precinct, you can fill out a change of address form right there at the poll and vote with a regular ballot.
  • If you moved within the county but didn't change your address go to the poll where you currently live and file a provisional ballot. Then you have 10 days to go to the Board of Elections to confirm your information.
  • If you have moved from another county into Cuyahoga County and didn't change your address, you will need to go to the Board of Elections to vote.
  • Also if they can't find you name, don't give up. Ask for a provisional ballot and vote. You can go to the Board of Elections later to give them the information.

If you vote by provisional ballot, you have ten days after the election to go to the Board of Elections to verify information. Provisional ballots will count, but you have to make sure you follow up with the Board of Elections.

Jeff: In the 2000 election there was a lot of confusion regarding filling out the ballot. What if you make a mistake on your ballot?

Mike: If you make a mistake, go to the poll worker and ask for a new ballot. Once you cast your ballot, it is too late. Your vote is important, so make sure you protect it.